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Which Night Light Your Baby Will Thank You For

Off-On Baby Night Light with customizable textA personalized 2.5D night light for your baby's room, with customizable picture and texts.

Night lights seem like a pretty harmless thing to have in the nursery, but it is little known that there has been a long debate about whether night lights are good for your beloved baby. There are many pros and cons to having a night light in the nursery when the baby sleeps, and here’s why we think the pros outweigh the cons.

Let us first get into why some parents refuse to have night lights in the nursery. A lot of them say that having light in a bedroom will inhibit good sleep. Joyce Walsleben, Ph.D., associate professor at the New York University School of Medicine asserts that light hinders the production of melatonin while we’re sleeping. Melatonin is essential in having satisfactory sleep. By having a lit surrounding, the brain will not produce melatonin, thinking it’s still daytime. Hence, many think that having complete darkness is essential to having a good night’s sleep.

Now let’s get into why you should have a night light for your baby. Besides the reason above being unfounded, there are many benefits to having a night light in the nursery. Yes, your body needs to produce melatonin in order to have excellent sleep, but it has been shown that blue light is responsible for the inhibition of melatonin production. Red or orange lights are softer, and you should find one that is dim enough so that your baby’s sleep will not get disrupted. One tip we have is to put the night light behind something, say a chair or curtain, so that the direct light is further filtered (if the night light on hand seems to be a little too bright).

Many of us are still afraid of the dark, let alone babies. The purpose of this article is not to get into why exactly that is so, but it’s to minimize your troubles at night as a parent, having to make trips down to the nursery to coax your baby to sleep again. When a baby wakes up at night and is completely alone in the absence of light, they will be further disoriented and groggy than say, waking up in the afternoon. They’ll cry, your baby monitor will shriek, and you walk down (a little begrudgingly) to the baby’s room. Once there, there are two options – turn on the light, or brave the nursery in the dark. You, in your sleepiness, are also exposed to the risk of tripping on toys or furniture in the dark. And turning on the very bright overhead light in the nursery will further pull you and your baby out of sleep. Bright lights make our brain more awake, making it difficult to fall back asleep.

This is where having a night light comes in. With a night light, you can come in a bit more confidently. If the hallway leading to the nursery was unlit, a night light will make it a lot easier for navigation, and if the hallway was lit, you take less time having to orientate yourself than say, walking into a completely dark room.

But that’s not all – what if I told you a night light could be reassuring enough so that the baby does not cry, and instead falls back asleep themselves? Some babies are great, and they just do their baby thing and maybe look at toys for a bit, snuggle with their favorite plushy, and then fall gracefully back to sleep. Some babies can fall back to sleep in seconds, after realizing they’re home safe and sound. Some night lights come in soft toys that they can hug to sleep, making the baby feel safer. But I’m not sure if that can be safe, considering how the surface from which the light is emitted is probably hard.

Another great benefit of having a night light in the nursery is that it is supposed to increase visual stimulation, especially when the baby is still young, maybe newborn to half a year old.

Now let’s get into the actual night light itself. While purchasing one for your baby is based on personal preference, there has to be a few things kept in mind about what an ideal night light has to have. From the various factors listed above, the ideal one has to have red/orange light, and dim enough. That’s pretty much it. More tips you can consider while getting a night light is maybe have one with a timer, so that it doesn’t stay on the entire night (thus saving you electricity and by extension, money). As a parent, you probably know when your child tends to wake up in the night, and you could set the timer on for a little bit longer than that, ensuring the baby awakes in a cozily lit room. Another great factor to consider is if it has a built-in alarm. It is great to regulate the sleep of a baby, that way it also reduces the amount of times they wake up in the middle of the night. By having a regular sleep pattern, it also helps in the quality of sleep. It also helps if your baby night light runs on electricity, reducing the amount of times you have to change the batteries, saving a bit of time and money in the process.

We have a couple of night lights that are perfect for the above mentioned reasons. Our products are all (yes, all) customizable, so the following items differ only in its type.

  1. Personalized 2.5D night light
    It attaches to a wall switch, and is dim enough so that it doesn’t disrupt your baby’s sleep, while having a picture they can stare at (notice the vignette edges – that reduces the amount of light emitted). There are different light settings you can have on, but we think the colored one gives off the best Christmas-cosy atmosphere.
    Personalized 2.5D night light
  1. Flexible personalized 2.5D night light
    The same as the above, just on a flexible hand. This is great so that you could hide it behind a chair, like mentioned above, so that direct light doesn’t hit your baby. Our lights are all dim enough so that should not be an issue, but should the switch be too near to your baby’s crib, it helps to be able to move the light around.
    Flexible personalized 2.5D night light
  1. Photo with backlit frame
    This is also a plug-in device, and is a great piece for the shelf. Even in the day, our products look quaint without the light on.
    2.5D photo with backlit frame, also known as lithophane
  1. Artwork
    There are already products with pictures pre-selected by us, and this one features Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, available in all 3 products listed above. Choose from our Artwork products here.Starry night in 2.5D

View our full range of products here.

The Past, Present And Future Of Photographs

2.5D photo with backlit frame, also known as lithophanes

A traditional art of photography called lithophanes. Essentially an etching that is only clearly visible when there is backlight. This retro style 2.5D photo has risen in popularity due to its unique charm.

Photographs have been around for almost one hundred years now. We've come a very long way in that time, moving forward from having to stand perfectly still for fifteen minutes at a time to the almost instantaneous sharing of photos with the whole world. While this is now the norm for most people in the world, we need to remember where we came from as well as where we are going to go next.

Photography has developed in two distinct forms over the last one hundred years or so. One which has gone from strength to strength and one which has spent a long time in the wilderness. First coming to the fore in 1822 and developed by a French inventor named Nicéphore Niépce photography was a painstaking and long process. The exposure rate of hours meant that the process wasn't one that could be used easily and was certainly no good for action shots. By 1829 Niépce had found a partner and further improved the way that photography worked. This continued as the years went by and by the 1870s photographs had become both more commonplace and a lot easier to take.

They weren't the only method of taking a visible record of things though. During the same time, many people in European countries were developing a technique called lithophanes. Essentially an etching that is only clearly visible when there is backlight. First appearing in the 1820s in Europe it is actually thought to be descended from an earlier Chinese technique from over one thousand years earlier. While both techniques came to the forefront of the western world at around the same time, photographs soon established themselves as the market leader. Mainly due to them not requiring a backlight to be clear as well as taking less time to create an accurate representation. This was something that remained the main difference between the two art forms for many years.

Photography went from strength to strength. With the rise of taking photographs came newer and better quality technology. Exposure times fell, the price of cameras fell and the general public had access to them. Photography was the next big thing. The rise of the printing press meant that newspapers and photography went hand in hand. Photojournalists began springing up, and many of the world's iconic moments were put to film. Photographs were a part of life. Gone were the days when people thought that a camera would steal their soul, cameras were here to stay.

That doesn't necessarily mean that cameras were immune to progress. Cameras had made many changes over the years since they were first introduced. Increased shutter speeds and decreased exposure times had all come and gone. Colour photography had been around since pretty much when cameras were invented, it was just far too expensive for it to be regularly used. That changed though, colour photography became more widespread and the next big change was coming forward, in the shadows. By the 1970s colour photography was becoming more and more widespread, it was during this period that something that would change the world of photography, and in fact the world in general, forever. The first patent for a filmless camera was put in during 1972, although there was not the technology available to carry out the invention. By the mid-70s electronic cameras were being developed in laboratories and by 1986 a Japanese company created the very first fully digital camera.

The progress was rapid, by the mid-1990s digital cameras were affordable and had become widespread among consumers. This extrapolated and by the 2010s almost every smartphone came with a digital camera built in. This coupled with the rise of social media, and social media apps on smartphones meant that the process of developing a photo was all but dead. Photos were now instant. Published within seconds to millions of people.

Of course, during the course of the technological advancements certain processes were developed that gave way for older technologies to make a comeback. One such technology was lithophanes. With the rise of 3-D printers, CNC machines, and other time-saving devices the cost of producing a lithograph has fallen dramatically. Not only that, but the level of detail has increased exponentially. Both of these added to the ability to integrate backlights far more easily, remember electricity wasn't as commonplace when lithophanes first rose to prominence, means that lithophanes are making a comeback in a big way. One such example of how the new technology can produce incredibly high-quality work, without breaking the bank can be found here. This form of art has also been made into night light and desk lamp. The almost 3-D aesthetic of the lithophane means that it, excuse the pun, adds an extra dimension to a photo. While technology seemingly bypassed the lithophane, other technologies and the current realisation that retro style looks amazing means that lithophanes have come back into the public eye.

What about the future of the photograph? Surely there is no-where else to go for something that has turned into a staple of modern life? Well, much like the 1970s the ideas for advancement are there even if the technology isn't yet. One such idea is that the resolution of cameras will increase to previously unthought of levels. Giving cameras the ability to exceed the human eye, they will be able to take pictures at night with amazing clarity. It doesn't end there as technology keeps on improving and the possibility of human augmentations opens up. Cameras that are controlled via eye movements and possibly even controlled by the brain itself are two possibilities that are there once the technology is capable. There is even the possibility that the camera will become able to operate completely without a human. Not just taking a picture, but discarding pictures that aren't good enough, even choosing which ones to upload to social media for you after taking it. While the artistry of pictures will never die, no matter what happens some people will want to take their own photos, as time goes on, it could become less and less common.

Still Not Able to Choose The Perfect Gift? Here is a Guide to Help You

Off-On Customized Couple 2.5D Flexible Night Light

An example of a 2.5D flexible night light that can be fully customized with any photo and beautiful quotes. Your photo will be made into a relief sculpture that will show the picture clearly when backlit. A thoughtful and beautiful gift.

One can hardly imagine anyone who does not like the gift-giving tradition. Even in the oldest of times people give and receive presents in order to express the feelings of love, warmth, and affection to the other person. As the days gone by gifts have changed their form but the tradition remains the same even after thousands of years. Even now people put a lot of thought and effort to buy the perfect gift for their loved ones. Sometimes, it is difficult to find a perfect gift for your loved ones because of a number of reasons like they already have everything or you simply have no idea what they want. If you are out of ideas, we are here to help with this ultimate guide to giving that perfect gift. We hope that you can get inspiration for your perfect gift through this simple guide.

  1. Usefulness
    You always want to gift something that is nice but also practical. You don’t want your gift to stay in the corner rather you want the person to use it so the gift can remind them of you. Examples of useful gifts can be as simple as towel, clothes, decoration, electronic appliances, etc. If all these sound too boring to you, you can consider personalizing your gift. How about giving them personalized night light? These are very useful to help them sleep and navigate bedroom during nighttime toilet trip (see our previous post ”Why a night light can help you sleep”). You can put the picture of your friends with his family to make a one of a kind night light. This kind of gift is both personal and useful.
  1. Make a List

    Try to list out your gift candidates. Add to that the things that your friend or your loved one likes or even needs. Maybe they have just entered a different phase of life? If so, you can give something appropriate and useful to that particular situation. Making a list definitely helps you to decide!

  1. Be creative
    It is not necessary to give people only tangible items as presents. You can always count on giving them memorable experience! For example, you can get them to a date, recreational park, or dinner in their favorite restaurants. How about movie tickets? If they like movies, you can get them to their favorite cinemas and let them experience their gift. You can also get shopping vouchers and go shopping with them. Research has shown that experience can be much more lasting than a physical gift.
  1. Hobbies
    You can consider your friends’ hobbies as well. People who read books will certainly appreciate a good classic book. If your female friend loves to wear makeup, you can give them a makeup kit that they like. If your friend likes to collect anime-related stuff, then you can simply add to his/her collection by presenting them a nice collectible. Someone might like to fill his/her house with pictures of their memories. You can give them personalized items, like night lights or 2.5D photos, with their pictures on it. You can get these items in different themes like couple, babies, and many others here.
  1. Keep in mind the recent events
    Always keep in mind the recent events so you can plan your gift accordingly. For example, if your friend just had a baby, you can give a baby clothes set. You can also consider giving a personalized night light with the baby’s picture. This will be quite handy during nighttime. If your friend recently got married, then you can give a unique desk light with romantic couple quotes. If your friend has just got a new laptop, you can buy him a laptop bag.
  1. Ask others
    At times we are stumped and couldn’t think of anything for our loved ones. This is the time to ask other people about that perfect gifts. Suggestions are always important, so never be afraid to get suggestions from your friends or family members. Sometimes you can get that 'aha!' moment by simply asking others.
  1. Consider that person’s needs
    You can always count on what they actually need. Let’s just say that your friend recently broke his night light and he’s too busy to go to the store and buy a new one. You can easily give him a night light, but that does not sound like a cool gift. How about getting a personalized night light for him with his family picture on it instead? Yes, now it sounds more like a gift! You can easily get these personalized night lights here.
  1. A Gift that Communicates
    There is no better gift than the one that communicates your feelings to the other person. The idea of communicating through gift speaks a lot about your love and care for them. There are a number of such gifts and it is best to pick personalized items. You can get a lot of ideas about personalized gift on our website.
  1. Give unique and cool stuff
    Maybe the person that you have in mind already got everything. How to give to someone who has everything? Don’t worry. What counts most in a gift is not the monetary value, but how thoughtful the giver is. How about giving them a unique and cool stuff that can hardly be found in stores? One good example is 2.5D artworks. These are wonderful pieces of arts that will fascinate and delight everyone. You can also personalize them with any photo and make them both unique and personal.
  1. Ask Them
    You can ask him/her what they would like to receive as a gift. You can get this information indirectly by asking them questions such as: “Hey, what do you think of this item?” If you got a positive and eager response, you can surprise them by giving that item. Sounds easy?

Make your gifts amazing and thoughtful using this guide and make your loved ones feel special =)

Why a night light can help you sleep

Night lights are a wonderful thing. The champion of allowing children to get past their fear of the dark and into a routine of sleeping. It's not just a fear of the dark that children suffer from though, it's the feeling of being left alone in what looks like a bottomless abyss. That's why a night light is so good for young children, and even children who are a little older but suffer from attachment issues because it reassures them. It allows them to relax, and therefore they fall into a deeper sleep. A calm baby is a baby that is more likely to go to sleep.

How can a night light help you sleep? Well, there are a number of ways and the first way is by getting your child one. Any new parent will tell you that sleep is a rare commodity when you have a child. They're not big fans of it when they're little. Naps are the devil, and night time is play time. This means that you spend a lot of time awake trying to soothe a screaming infant when you should be resting. However, if you get a good quality night light, use it to reassure and relax your child and it will help them to get into a better routine of sleeping. There are even night lights on the market that act like the sun going down so will help their body clock to prepare them for sleep. If that doesn't work, you can even get a customised night light with your picture on it to help reassure the child that you're not leaving them forever. All of this will lead to you getting a better nights sleep. If your child is asleep, you will be able to sleep. Except for night feeds, but hey five hours a night is better than none, right?

Off-On Customized Night Light

This is an example of a 2.5D photo night light that can be fully customized with your photo and text. Your photo will be made into a relief sculpture that will show the picture clearly when backlit.

The second thing about the night light is that is very good for settling adults with anxiety. Settling yourself when you're anxious is extra difficult because that always seems to be when your brain goes into overdrive about the events of the day. This is a real struggle when you're trying to get to sleep because you spend half the night looking at the ceiling, thinking. It's not just the day's problems that can make it difficult. If you're a naturally anxious person then night time can easily be a difficult time for you because of the bumps in the night. That's the time when the house breathes. If you don't know what that is, it's when the temperature changes, it gets colder at night because the sun has gone in, and the material used to make your house contracts. This makes a creaking noise that can easily worry people, especially anxious people.

There's no need to worry about it though, if you get a night light then it will be a lot easier to settle yourself. The trick is to not use a white night light and to definitely not use a blue one. Orange is a good one because it mimics the colour of the sun as it is starting to set. This will trick your brain into thinking it is time to go to sleep and you will find it a lot easier to drop off. Red is another great choice because the eye is less sensitive to red light than of any other colour. Meaning that the brain doesn't think it is time to wake up. Of course, this won't stop the creaking of the house, but if you're asleep when it happens then it doesn't matter how much creaking goes on, it's not going to bother you.

Just the same as with children a comforting picture made into a night light can help too. If you place a picture that you know will calm you down and help you to relax near your night light, or even have one made specially then it can help you get to sleep easily.


Customized Night Light with Backlit Frame

A customized 2.5D photo with backlit frame that can double as night light and desk decoration. 

A reddish-orange night light is also useful for people who work night shifts. When you have to sleep during the day, it is often difficult to trick your body into thinking it is time to sleep. A reddish-orange night light will help to do this as it mimics the sun setting and makes your brain think that it is time to sleep. Of course, you will need a good pair of blackout curtains for this to be effective as light coming through your curtains will just make your brain want to stay awake. The night light will ensure that you get enough sleep during the day, so that difficult night shift won't be one where you are falling asleep from exhaustion.

A night light is also a useful addition to your room to help you navigate your bedroom if you need the toilet in the night. There is nothing worse than being half asleep and stubbing your toe. A gentle night light will allow you to see enough of your room to avoid any potential obstacles without having to worry about your sleep patterns being sent out of whack. You don't even need to keep it in the bedroom if you really don't want to. It can be a useful hallway light to help you get to the bathroom. There is nothing worse for your sleep routine than if you turn on the full light. It makes your brain think that you are waking up for the day and when you get back into bed, you're going to struggle to get back to sleep. The night light gives just enough light for you to make your trip, without providing enough to wake you up completely.

No matter what your situation during the night, there is always a place for a night light. It's not just for children, it can help you sleep better. Don't believe us? Why not try it and see.

Lithofy.Me Opening Giveaway

Hello! We are glad to announce the opening of our online store Lithofy.Me!

Lithofy.Me is a place where you can create your own custom and personalized 2.5D stuff. 2.5D you say? Yes, we name our products 2.5D as we specialize in transforming your photo into a relief sculpture. That means you can now see and touch the texture of your special memories. How cool is that? Also, when the relief sculpture is backlit you can see a clear picture emerging out from the sculpture. This is actually a traditional form of art called 'lithophane', and we name it 2.5D pictures. You can upload your picture through our website or via email, and we will magically transform it into a special one of a kind item.

Lithofy.Me Baby 2.5D picture

As of now, you can enjoy our products as a night light, flexible light, or backlit frame. The night light is a perfect ornament in your bedroom or hallway to guide you during night time bathroom trips. The flexible light has a flexible neck and can be used either as a night light or desk lamp, while the backlit frame will definitely stand out as a unique home decoration. Above all, they make the perfect gifts. Who doesn't like to receive a unique gift with their photo and your personal message? The perfect gift starts with personalization, doesn't it?

We have also created several themes for our products, where you can choose various templates of designed words or quotes that you can put below your picture. Be it words of appreciation for parents and teachers, inspirational quotes for your kids, funny couple love quote, we got them covered. You can also choose whether you want your picture to be in monochrome or color when it is backlit. 

Check out the video below to see how it works:

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We love making these products and we hope that you like our creations as much as we do. We hope that our products bring warmth to your home, a joy to the person you give to, fascination to your families and friends, and smile to you and your loved ones.


Now, for the giveaway. 2 lucky winners will get to win a personalized 2.5D night light! They also get to choose whether they want it to be in monochrome or color. To participate, simply go to the giveaway widget below, subscribe to our mailing list and follow our Instagram page. To increase your chances of winning, you can choose to get a few more additional entries by carrying out the rest of the options.

We will close the giveaway on 14 November at 12 pm SGT and 2 winners will be chosen at random. The names of the winners will be announced here on LithofyMe blog latest by  21 November! Also, do note that participants will be disqualified if we find out that the entries are not done, i.e. cheating. Rest assured that we only pick honest winners =)

Best of luck, everyone!

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